About me


My background is editing, which sharpened my eye for detail and the belief that working the process is imperative in shaping the final result. While my kids were little, I wrote a DIY blog called House Over Head (now offline), which documented the changes I made to our 70s-era split-level home.

There, I wrote about white washing my fireplace, hanging interior doors, sewing slipcovers, and lots of painting projects. It was a life-giving creative outlet while my kids were young!

From there I became a contributor to Houzz, as both a writer and photographer. I highlighted many beautiful spaces and the interesting people behind them for a world-wide audience. Then as a design consultant for a local home design store, I went into people’s homes to address their design dilemmas, advise customers making furniture selections, select hard surfaces for new builds, and endlessly style showroom vignettes .

In 2019 I started this business under my own name. In the fall of 2020 I was accepted to University of Texas in San Antonio to start earning my Masters in Architecture because I want to be able to really redesign spaces from the top down, including larger renovations, additions, and new builds.


I believe in uncovered potential, hidden beauty, second chances, and multi-purpose items and spaces. I understand the need to balance multiple priorities at once: beauty and budget, practicality and inspiration, vision and time. I’m passionate about the idea of home, and I’d love to be passionate about your home.

I’m always renovating something. I learned long ago that I prefer a paint brush and sewing machine to adult coloring books and crochet needles, and I never feel as comfortable in my own skin as when it’s paint splattered. I’m married, a mother to three kids, and an owner of two pets. I have been making my home in San Antonio, Texas, since 2014.