Distance design

Distance design (aka online design) keeps you and your loved ones safe during this season! And you don’t even need to be a San Antonio resident! A whole-room package includes a layout of your room with furniture placement, a mood board, and detailed renderings with links to items you can purchase yourself (read reviews!) on your timeline (wait for sales!). You can vet the vendor’s cleanliness protocols yourself. You send me your dimensions, answer a questionnaire about your taste and vision, and we get rolling on a new room! Click here for more!

Staged to STAY

Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your home to see it reach its full potential. Or update the Tuscan wall colors just in time for the next owner to enjoy. Life happens now. Finish your home for you and your family. Hire me to re-style the last layer of accessories—pillows, art, lamps, etc.— for a high-impact refresh.

Furniture and decor purchases

Time to update your sofa, dining table, or family room rug? Let me help you choose transitional, neutral investment pieces you’ll want to anchor your room around and keep for the long haul. Trends change faster than most of us care to keep up with. I’ll help you select classic, versatile basics for your main items and nod to the trends in small accents to make the most of your budget.

Hard surface selections

Are you getting ready for a big renovation? Nervous about investing lots of money and not loving the results? Hire a few hours of my time to get consulting on your selections. Let me help you to make sure your money is well spent on timeless changes that won’t crest when the latest design wave crashes. Or to make sure the undertones in your neutrals work together to get the soothing effect you want. I can help you coordinate flooring, countertops, cabinets, hardware, tile, and lighting so you can navigate your reno with zero misgivings.

Not sure?

Let’s talk. If you’re adept at being your own stylist but want an experienced eye when you get stuck, I’ll be your design consultant. If you don’t know what you want—only that you don’t care to overthink it—out source the details and choices to me. Want to turn your dining room into an office, your guest room into an art studio, your laundry room into a drop zone? Let me problem solve. I can come up with a whole-room plan you execute when you’re ready, be your personal home shopper, or otherwise customize the process for you.

You, your home, and your needs are unique. The details of your budget and goals are particular to you. This process needs to be too.